Taking one step back looking at all that has surpased. Life carries on you know, whether you are having a good day or a bad one. The gradual growth leaving us rather hopeless. Every other day drowning into my own sorrow, pases of my footsteps getting slower and slower, scared to take one after the other for I might not get what I want. My thoughts carry me to¬†abysmal depths, sinking in deeper by the second. Closure doesn’t make it all fade away, reminiscing it all like it was just yesterday.


Sunset Lover

Watching the sun break away every other day is probably one of the best things I look forward to. It gives me hope to keep moving forward, particularly to watch another day. Yet another chance God has given me to live, there is absolutely no certainty that I will wake up to it but it hits me though. I have a new day coming right ahead, this could be right about that time to make up for the lost time. Another chance to be better, we can not move ahead if all we think about is yesterday and now. Tomorrow is another day and we have to make plans for it, no matter the stumbling blocks we meet along the way, forward is where we are supposed to go and not keep clinging on to the past. God did not put us here for no purpose and therefore we have to do our cause until our time is due. ~Sheena Abi Sandria


It’s short

Cold nights do not feel cold anymore because I have grown fond of them. The heart keeps calling but let’s skip to the basics. A little more life a little more love is all that I need. Ask me about what is left to fight for and I will look outside the window and shed a tear or more. It was short and we didn’t live it like I would have loved it to be. Am I complaining, no but I need you like¬† a daughter needs a father. A little bit of hurt, every ache drives back to you because I love to think that maybe if you were here, life would be a little bit more different. Who am I to step into the way of life but hearing your heart beating is the probably the best thing that could happen to me right now, being in your arms, sharing one or more words with you. I believe you are in a better place and I love that you keep watching down on me from up there because you are my angel from above. Keep resting dad and I will always love you. ~Sheena Abi Sandria

A Mother

A beautiful rose with thorns is who she is
Her bright smile brings hope to a stranger from across the street
Her laughter runs deeper than the ocean
Her eyes are like an outstanding sunset
Her skin glows like a honey vessel
That her scars are barely seen
Age has nothing on her for she is just like fine wine
She carries an energy that leaves a mark wherever she goes
Her heart is solid like a warrior’s
To many, she is like a perfectly nurtured flower
And in her hands, it’s where it feels right at home

~Sheena Abi Sandria

Dear God

Every other day of my life I lean back and look at the blessings God has bestowed upon me. A love so pure; all my worries washed away from trusting and believing in the one man that has been my escape in the most difficult times. I can never live a day without being grateful for His goodness.

Let it all out.

It is never really necessary to pay evil with evil. In most cases we encounter the worst of the worst but that has never stopped a new day from starting. People will break your heart countless times, they will try to break you in every way. All the negativity can be thrown at you but never let that phase you. Keep pushing hard and forward, as a matter of fact take bigger steps and dream bigger. Those that did you bad, forgive them and trust me that’s the best you can offer.

~Sheena Abi Sandria