My heart is on a diet

I loved you more than life itself. I gave up too much to please you. I let go of my most treasures to be perfect for you. I gave up my nights to be in your presence. Gave up my late nights just to talk to you. Changed my hair, because you loved it differently. Grew insecure in my own skin because you liked them lighter. Spent all my savings because you liked them with a little make up. Skipped meals to look good in those jeans you liked. Broke my ankles in those heals you said made my legs look great for you. Went under the knife to make my breasts firmer. I did a nose job for you. You wanted me to be perfect for you and I did. But you still left.

When you left, my heart was torn apart. I lost meaning. I had no one to turn to. Nowhere to run to. You said you w

ere leaving me for better, thought I was your best. Thought I gave you all. Thought I had it all. I cried to you. Got on my knees and apologized for what I had not done. You were my one true love. But you left unapologetically. You showed me the door. You told me to go find where I belonged for I didn’t belong with you. I waited hours, days, months and years.

Three years down the road, you’re at my door step. But honey, I’m stronger now. I got back on my feet. I fought hard and became the woman I was always meant to be without you in life. I fell in love with everything about me. I didn’t allow to be crippled by your betrayal and rejection. I picked up my crown and fixed it perfectly on my head. I now do the things I love, go to places I want to, hang out with people I want to have a good time with. I’m no longer a slave to your bondage. I’m no longer your possession. I make my own rules now, chase my own dreams. I have built a new foundation and I’m still building. So bye felicia because my heart is on a diet.


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