Dear Lover

Show me your deepest scars and I’ll kiss them until they fade away. Draw me closer to your heart and I’ll guarantee it constantly beats right. Let me touch you, give me a chance to make you feel whole again. Share your fears with me and we shall conquer them together. Let me take you to a very beautiful place, one you’ll never leave. Stay by my side, let me love you right.

Through the good and bad I’ll by your side. I’ll make sure you see the beauty in everything. I’ll take you to the wild and calm. Let’s build our empire. Let’s rule it side by side. Be my king and I’ll be your queen forever. And I’ll make it certain that crown never gets scratched or cracked. Let’s reach the climax of our lives together. Let’s be thee team.

Tell me about your dreams, let’s accomplish them together. Tell me your losses and I’ll minimise the damage. Tell me the places you love, let’s explore the world together. Tell me the foods you love, let’s. Tell me your heart’s desire, let me spoil you. Tell me about your tough days, give me a chance to blow off the steam. Tell me when things are going wrong and you can’t take it anymore, I’ll strengthen and fight the battle with you. Tell me, you want me to love you right and I’ll love you in the best way.


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