Living double

The heart is broken. The soul longs for redemption. Torn from the inside. Lacerated beyond repair. Cold blood running in the veins. Fighting this toxic mind but constantly losing. Torn between mending and destroying further more. The fear of permanent damage has crippled the soul. Bones are shattering. Slowly losing it from the inside. Mind exploding with thoughts. Fighting endless battles. Brain melting down drip by drip. Crying out for help but can not be heard. Bitterness has covered the largest portion over time. Trying to find beauty in the ugly. There isn’t hope though. The heart is so weak. It’s clouded by sadness. Painted in distress. The mind is absorbed by absence. It’s afflicted with grief. The pain is unbearable. Neurotic running through the veins. Slowly losing humanity.

Composure eases. But for a moment. Brightness on the outside. A joyous personality. Drawing happiness to everyone. Building a relent energy for everyone else. With the disguise of a happy face. The beauty of nature wipes out the cruel mind, not for long though. Like a Disney princess, the hair is perfect; smooth and silky. Her big brown eyes set every room she walks in ablaze. The red lipstick compliments her beautiful dark chocolate skin. The high healthy cheek bones add brightness to the smile. The vigorous energy is attractive to many. The beauty in the charismatic manner charms everyone. She carries bravery and an amiable smile that leaves everyone with amusement.


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