It is your power

Is it though? I am usually challenged with that question and my response is usually the same. Ironically I answer the question by posing one, do you have any peace around this person/people. We always want to go out of our way for other people and forget we need ten times back what we’re giving out. If you find yourself always trying to make up after a fight, argument or even simple misunderstanding lean back and ask yourself, “is this worth fighting for?” Often we are blinded by the way we feel about people and it has unfortunately become our weakness.

What do I mean by detachment, it doesn’t only regard to people. No! Anything and I mean anything that doesn’t leave you sane at the end of the day. Your life in general. Inner detachment should be your first step to battling the negativity. Personally, my moods can run from a hundred to zero and vice versa in a second, quick to anger too and this kills me deep within yet these are just factors from the outside forces. Things I can ignore and work on if I meant to. So here is something I learnt, composure. All the other factors were bringing me hurt, suffering and anger and I did not want that anymore.

We are now going to talk about the kind of life you are choosing. People are going to tell you the things you’re going through whether good or bad are all about life. Don’t be embondaged by something you have full control over. I believe the ball is always in ours hands and therefore it is up to us how we use it. As you make up your mind don’t forget to prioritise yourself. Set all the external forces up in flames and elevate.

Attachments once strong stick deeper than the deepest oceans. Don’t get me wrong, bonds are magical especially with the right and good people. But people are people and we are all armoured in imperfections if we don’t put ourselves in check. Now let me tell you something, people treating you badly or doing wrong by you behind the shield of “that’s just who I am” is the kind of energy you should never entertain and settle for.

Detachment is not a walk in a park and that is why you need to remember that as life is a series of change to you, it might not be the same for the other person. So depending on who you are dealing with and what you are both dealing with. You need to know how to detach without leaving a lot of baggage that will keep getting back to you. Make peace with by gones!


A Mother

A beautiful rose with thorns is who she is
Her bright smile brings hope to a stranger from across the street
Her laughter runs deeper than the ocean
Her eyes are like an outstanding sunset
Her skin glows like a honey vessel
That her scars are barely seen
Age has nothing on her for she is just like fine wine
She carries an energy that leaves a mark wherever she goes
Her heart is solid like a warrior’s
To many, she is like a perfectly nurtured flower
And in her hands, it’s where it feels right at home

~Sheena Abi Sandria